iPhone photo dump

Okay..I have written this blog three times. Hopefully third times a charm.

We were able to go to my cousins wedding in Belpre. It was so beautiful. The bride was even more beautiful. And the groom… Looked didn’t look like a little boy which is how I have always looked at him.:( makes me feel old.
The girls love weddings. They think the bride is a princess… And Mel sure did look like the princess!!

The happy couple!

At the reception:) my mom, Blake and Avah.

Me and my cousin Scott:)

Avah and my cousin Scott!:)

Can you see the little girl in the pink? Yes Avah was waiting to catch the bouquet! Mel had lots of little admirers.

Yesterday we volunteered at our 4H Ag days at the mall. We love Ag days.. Especially the petting zoo. Mia loved the baby goats.

Camye was having fun feeding the llamas.

Paul was being attacked by goats… He even drew a crowd outside this window after awhile.

Avah loves animals! All animals!!!

Mia preferred baby Sam to the animals.:)

And at preschool yesterday the little girls planted seeds.

Avah has fun with everything she does… Especially getting dirty.

Out of order I know… But two weeks ago Paul and Camye were able to go to a junior youth rally which made them sooo happy since they are usually left at home while Chloe and Blake get to go!

They had so much fun! We had the largest group there with 29 kids!:)

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