~Homeschooling my Large Family~

I attended the Pittsburgh Homeschool Convention a few weeks ago. I have come to the point where nothing is really that new in the homeschooling world, yet I still feel I am looking. I was able to steal away from the Used Book sale for an early conference on Homeschooling your Large Family. My friend for life, Tina, was with me and we were hoping to learn some new tricks.

Well that fell flat..because I realized the speaker had been homeschooling for 2 year less than I had. But she refreshed all old ideas making them feel anew to me.

I am feeling pulled towards something I am not comfortable with. PUBLIC SPEAKING. Not my thing. AT ALL. But I will be speaking on International Adoption  in May to our local MOPS group and am wondering if I need to be praying for more oppurtunities to speak on homeschooling or adoption.

Here are some wonderful ideas from the conference and my own added in…

There is only one way to success. EVER. By the Grace of God.

Without it we will fail…in epic ways.



*Pray about your year.

* Scheduling: Just the framework but something to always fall back on. Here is an example of my schedule: We follow it loosely but the kids know what they are responsible for.


*Be intentional with your husband. Always make the time for him.

*Making a list for each child daily

*Spend individual time with each child, especially the littles.

*Assigned play time: Assign an older child to play with a younger child for30 minutes. It is a great time for bonding to happen.

*Have an alternate schedule, such as a doctor appointment schedule. So the kids will know what is expected and you wont be rushing and yelling orders on your way out the door.

*Keep an up to date activity sheet for each child to track what subjects, activities and chores each child is responsible for.

*Chore Badges- this is my favorite. Here is a photo of mine:


I looked on Pinterest and found some adorable Chore Chart cards. Printed. Laminated.
The littles think they are great! The older kids …not so much.

Thats okay…Life isn’t always what you want.:)



Cooking for my Large Family Coming Soon….we are responsible for 1,190 meals per year.

Not that I am counting…;)


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