Life has this crazy way of letting us forget how blessed we really are. We get so busy we forget. How can we forget when HE is so incredible. No matter what the enemy does to us HE is there for us. Living in what I now call the adoption world. I totally see things differently. And love that I do.
a friend from high school, someone I wasn’t very close too. She was a couple of years ahead of me. We were friends but not close friends. We have reconnected on Facebook. She is adopting from China.. An adorable little girl, Meiya. She should be traveling in the next month and has been having Fundraisers to pay for her adoption.
I love to enter Adoption giveaways. I just love to get that feeling from God.. Donate. I will say I don’t donate to all of them or buy from everyone’s auction. Who could? But when I feel I should donate.. We do. Even if it’s $5.
Well Amy was giving away American girl bitty babies a few months ago… I wanted those something fierce. So I shared and blogged and donated.. I had so many so many entries. But by sharing on Facebook… A friend who is simply a friend because of our husbands who work together, we have never met. But we do seem to have much in common, and someday when our lives slow down. We will meet. Anyway.. She felt that pull to donate after seeing Amy’s giveaway that i lept sharing and she WoN the dolls!!!! And donated them to Mia and Avah! She even told Amy to order them exactly how I wanted them!

They were so excited. This was so good for Avah to see. She has zero concept of giving.


Things got crazy fast! They have Pined over the American Girl catalog for hours!!

And the giggles were priceless!

They have played nonstop with these dolls. Who are named.. Mia and Avah. And seem to get into alot of trouble already… I Will share later. But they have had to sit on The steps in time out and go to the corner quite often for saying ‘bad’ words and hitting each other.;) and our bad words are stupid, dumb, hate or shut up. And yes Mia up shut counts too.. Sneaky little one.

But this story gets better… Amy had one giveaway left… We had not donated yet. Its Christmas, we have been busy and just hadn’t felt my usual push to give… I don’t know why. Amy had one hour left and Kenny says I am donating to Amy’s giveaway. I said okay, I hadn’t yet. He donated and an hour later he won the first prize of a kindle
Fire. BUT there was no way we could accept… We have a kindle fire.. And if she doesn’t have to buy it at all that is another $150 towards Her adoption.

Blessed again by adoption… Love that!

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