Christmas Fun

I do love Christmas time!! From Thanksgiving to Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the shopping, the music, Santa, nativity scenes, caroling an of course my favorite family time.
I love love love to give Christmas gifts! We are in a very large home school co-op between my 6 kiddos we have 18 teachers. So we made peppermint fudge treat bags for them.:)

Of course the traditional gingerbread house…. We have always done this. I have yet to bake one and decorate it. Mate next year.;)

Lots of fun!!

Our last day of co-op for the semester, I have to admit I am so ready. I taught two Lego club classes and a gym class with about 35 kids in it. Ahhhhh I am ready for next semester. I am only teaching gym and Egyptian history.

Avah LOVES to give gifts to anyone! She was so excited to give gifts to her teachers.

The whole crew.

Chloe and Mia…. They sure do love each other. It makes my momma heart sing knowing how much my oldest and youngest love each other.

And never to busy for ‘baby time’ as Avah calls it.:) I sure do love this precious blessing.
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