Day 10 Gluten free

Okay… I am still not that great with this diet.

GF Granola

Capri sun
Fruit snacks

We went to Red Robin..eek.
Grilled chicken on a stick
Mandarin oranges
Fries( which were warned to be possibly contaminated with wheat) but how do you eat at Red robin and not eat fries?? Must improve…

Total grump… Temper fits…

GF bread with peanut butter and jelly
GF cheese crackers

Muscle cramps in her arms before bed. Woke up twice…
Not fussy but got in our bed.

Sooooooo that’s my 10 day diary. I think I should still write it all down… As I do see a total connection… An immediate connection every time she has any wheat.
I would love to hear any of my GF friends thoughts on this… Especially Tonya’s.:) my faithful
Blog reader.

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