10 day Gluten free evaluation

Okay my final day to blog Mia’s gluten free diet. I feel like i haven’t been as consistence as I should have been. Thanskgiving, eating out and traveling are HARD to do.. Especially when I was first starting to even learn this diet.

I do feel this has been a success. We have seen a lot of symptoms improve if not go away completely.

Here are a list of improvements:
– looser bowels
– less irritable
– less mood swings
– less muscle cramps
– less complaints of random pain
– sleeping better
– eating more
– more alert

Things that seem to come back if given any wheat… Even just from contamination.
– muscle cramps
– irritability/tantrums
– random pains
– Zero appetite

We see hematology to check on her sudden ‘blood clotting’ disorder. Which I still think is either a mistake or caused by the gluten.
Tomorrow we see her IAP and she knows I am asking for food allergy testing. I am sure she will order at least blood work if not refer us to an allergist. Still not sure why food allergy had to be my idea… I would think with it being so common they would think to test for this more often.

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