An apology….

Sometimes when you are in the thick of something…you do not see clearly.
When that thing going on in your life is over, the fog starts to lift.
We adopted Mia and Avah so close together. I started thinking all Christians should adopt.
You have heard it before, if every Christian would adopt then we wouldn’t have orphans. Well this is not a perfect world, and there will always be orphans, as sad as that is to say….there will be people in heaven that did not adopt…
My apology is for ever appearing judgmental towards someone who was not adopting. Because guess what..I am not currently adopting. I am struggling with guilt. Yes I know Avah has only been home 3 months. But the hardest part for me is, I feel EXTREMELY guilty that we are NOT adopting right now. I feel very comfortable and that my quiver is full. I feel totally ashamed. How can I have seen what I have seen and know what I know..yet enjoy this feeling here with contentment. I know I am letting Satan steal my joy right now that I am feeling. But it is what it is…
Will we adopt again? Yes…but when and where? I do not know. I have been praying for God to speak to LOUDLY to me with lots of details. He is being strangely quiet right now. Most of you who read this, know that I am never strangely quiet. It someone is quiet around me.. I talk incessantly to them. So I am praying and rambling incessantly to God right now.
So what am I doing to relieve some of my guilt right now? There are so many things you can do.
1. Encourage others to follow their hearts and adopt.
2. Support them financially, buy chances at their fundraisers, donate anonymously, donate publicly. Any little bit helps.
3. Take a meal when they come home, My church did this and it was a HUGE blessing.
4. Pray for them. 
5. Choose orphans and pray daily for them.
6. Go on a mission trip
7. Sponsor a child.. There are so many!
The ideas are endless!!! But be kind…defend the cause of the fatherless. There are so many ways than adopting.

One thought on “An apology….

  1. Boy do I relate to your guilt and past judgement! God has done and IS doing such a work in my heart and changing my perspective. He has created each of us with a purpose and for His glory. I wonder what if those with a ministry to homeless looked down on me because I am not at the soup kitchen helping or taking in strangers to provide shelter. But I am mending broken hearts and taking littles with special needs for surgery after surgery! What if people with ministries to those in prison looked down on me because I am not visiting prisoners and sharing the gospel with them. What if those who minister to prostitutes sneered at me because I have never attempted to show the love of Jesus in a practical way to a prostitute? The list goes on and on as my eyes are opened. Adoption? It is HARD. It is glorious and redeeming but it is also ugly and painful sometimes too. Sometimes, adoption is not the answer. Prevention should be more sought after than adoption. These are all changes of thought since we began our journey in late 2006. We are ALL part of the body of Christ. The eye and the ear do different jobs, but both are needed. I used to have such a hard heart towards those with tons of money and no heart for adoption but that has changed. At the end of my life, I stand before God ALONE to answer to Him what I have done with what He has entrusted me with and what He has called me to. Thank you for sharing your public apology. May the Lord continue to lead, guide and direct and call us to do His will, whatever that may look like in our lives. Blessings, Holly (

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