Summer lovin’

Ahhh summer is almost over!! I can tell Fall is fast approaching. This has been an incredible summer. Mia is doing fabulously. Loving on her Penny-puppy.

Falling asleep at the table while coloring…don’t worry we promptly removed her pencil.

Mommy is at the fair with the older kiddos.. Daddy is babysitting and it is hair style time! These girls can do their hair like no other!!

Sweet Pauly and Avah! Soo loving! Paul adores his baby sisters.

Two peas in a pod. I get the question about everytime we are out somewhere.. Now are they sisters… Yes, they are.:)

Avah stretching out and using Mia as a footrest. Yes they have their toddler beds pushed together.

Sweet and precious.

Signs of summer!! Grapes on our grapevine.. A first for us!!

This is Camye and Paul… We went to tuck them in the other night and they were both under the covers, in bed together and sound asleep!

Life is pretty good right now!

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