An answer to Prayer!

I have been praying and praying for someway to help the little girls keep their Korean. Or at least try. I realize they will not keep their Korean if we don’t speak it at home.
Most of you may know my ability to speak foreign languages.. Or my inability…;)
There is this awesome little Korean restaurant in Cecil called The Golden Pig. I try to go in there every few weeks.
Well I met this fabulous, wonderful, kind Christian Korean lady named Chrissy!!!! And boom. We hit it off!! She is young, fun and loves adoption!! She knows about our Korean agency SWS and studied in adoption in Korea!!!

Come on.. Could this be anything else than planned by God!!

Here she is with the girls.. After our first Korean lesson.

Of course they played with their straws, fiddled around, dropped things, climbed on my back, pulled my hair, but they were able to hear Korean… Listen to her teach me! And even translate something’s Avah says all the time.
Basically.. If I want my girls to keep speaking any Korea.. I have to speak it… Correctly. :-/ I may not succeed but I will go down trying my best!

My girls are little and don’t really like to eat.. Unless its Korean. I need them to eat!!! So I must learn to cook yet love to eat Korean food. And I do… I find myself craving it.

I collected about every bottle and variety of soy sauce and rice vinegar from here to Korea.

My first try making Mandu.. Avah asks for this daily. It was a hit!!!!

So my prayer has been answered.. Thank you God! I now can help my girls keep their Korean culture.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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