I can hear the girls saying, “I just can not believe it!!!” Avah and Cora’s meeting was soo sweet!!! We decided while waiting for Cora, Sarah and Avah, that we would keep them in touch and help them to piece together what little memories they do have. 
 My camera froze so I wasnt able to take photos of Sarah and Avah’s first meeting. They were so sweet, playful and helpful with each other.
 Mia had a blast!! She just acts like she is one of the girls!!
 Grace helping Avah in the pool, Cora was swimming up for some fun.
 Our older kids enjoyed a movie in the hotel movie theatre.
 This was right after Avah had met Sarah for the first time. Avah loves to look away from the camera for photos. I think while at AMSA, they must have always had the same exact thing on their plates. After all it was, cafeteria style. I hadnt seen Avah act like this with her food before…but what Sarah had…Avah wanted…what Cora had, Avah wanted. And they all shared so nicely.
 Here is Avah feeding Sarah a piece of fruit at breakfast.
 I love these 4 girls!!!  I praise God everyday they are home!!!
 A little Build-a-Bear fun!!
 I loved this photo below. I looked at this photo for months trying to figure out the dynamic…the fun….to hear their laughter….I remember even talking to Jen, that we wish we could just have a close up of an earlobe or a hand. Anything…it was 11 months of torture to wait for Avah to come home. Thanking the Lord they are home!!!! And all doing wonderful!!!

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