Aren’t they so cute??

I once told someone that you shouldn’t be allowed to have twins if you don’t dress them alike. Not one of my brighter comments… Especially since that mom had twins and does not dress them alike. To each there own.;)

But I do not have twins.. But I do have 2 girls 11 months apart and I do plan on matching them as much as possible!! They love it! I love it!!

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4 thoughts on “Aren’t they so cute??

  1. I was so sad when my "twin" (3 months apart) girls didn't want to match anymore! I hope yours keep it up for a long time! 🙂 It is so cute.

  2. My two (biological) daughters are 11.5 months apart and spent much of their PK years dressed alike. Obviously, I got matching outfits when they were little, but they continued wearing them on the same day once they started choosing their outfits. And now, at 10 and 11, they STILL sometimes choose to put on matching or very similar outfits. They claim to disdain when people think they're twins, but they obviously love at least some of the trappings of the label. :^)

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