Bedtime fun

So we are trying to get Mia to sleep with Avah. Avah and Mia still come and get in bed with us which is fine… But it would be even finer if these two little girls could sleep at night in their own beds. They both have their own toddler beds so after we got them to sleep at 7pm… Yes that’s early but they won’t nap. We pushed their beds together. Mia has to touch someone’s arm if she is awaken in the middle of the night.

Yes I know what you are thinking.. Why is she waking up? Well we have a sleep study appointment today so I will let you know. I am guessing tonsils and adnoids need to come out. That girl is like a water buffalo at night, snoring. Avah is always shushing her.

Anyway.. Pushed the sleeping little girls beds together… At midnight we heard Mia crying… We found this…

Now I know this is the worse quality possible but you see what has happened.
Mia is crying.
Avah’s head is touching the floor.(toddler beds)
Mia has snuggled Avah right off the bed.
The top of the bed is where the panda is.

Praying for answers on Mia’s sleep issue today!:)

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