The Body Shop Fun

Okay we all know how beautiful Korean women are.. So I have been looking into some beauty tips here. I looked like death warmed up so I headed straight to the Body Shop.

Above are all my purchases…a foot peel is first on my list… My feet are killing me!!

BB creme.. So many choices.. Oh my!! I said I want the best seller.. And here it is!!

Adorable perfume stick.. I mean adorable!!!

And because I looked terrible.. I am sure that is the reason for all the freebies…. The chia seed serum… The wash off masks.. Love it!!!!

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One thought on “The Body Shop Fun

  1. oh i'm so jealous of you!!!! I wish i could be in korea ): it's my dream to go there! And its not cause you looked like death hehe everyone gets lots and lots of free samples when they go into make up / body product stores ^^Praying for your family that everyone is safe while you're over there getting your little girly~ God Bless <3-Kirstie Bikakis

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