Day 2~ Meeting Avah

So I had no idea what to expect with Avah…she is in orphanage and Mia was in a foster home…for over 3 years. She is in a great orphanage with awesome care. As we arrived this morning, before we even got the camera out…before our shoes were off at the door, before we could turn around…..We hear, “Ommmmmmmaaaaaa” and she jumps up for me to hold her.
 And then she jumped to Appa..see the beautiful ladies in the back…the ones on the right were here caretakers.
 This picture was taken not even 3 minutes after we arrived. They told me she was waiting. She wants to go to America NOW. She wants to see her best friends Cora and Sarah. Check out their blogs by clicking on their name. They came home a month ago. They said she is very sad and played with the girls everyday. She also went to preschool with Cora.
 This is so surreal and amazing. On the way to AMSA, I was informed that Avah’s birth mom had contacted the agency to meet her. Yes my heart stopped. Her birth mother can take custody up until we are on the airplane. Our agency allowed her to meet Avah at the orphanage but only as a volunteer. They did not want to confuse her anymore…with birth mom, she had a foster mom, she had a host family, she has 3 Ommas, and her forever family. I am hoping for some sort of an open adoption with us able to send her updates. We will see. I am asking in the morning.
 Awesome little playground!:)
 Mia loved the little bikes….many were broken.:-/ We didnt stay outside long. Avah said it was too hot.
 Avah and Appa
 They love their Appa!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo..I love her social worker sooo much!:)
 After a couple of hours of visiting, AMSA took us all to dinner. IT was at a traditional Korean restaurant. Other than Avah dumping soup/guk on my lap….and the lovely back wash in my drink…lunch was perfect.:) I have 6 kids..I have something dumped on me every single day.
 LOVE this place!:):)

2 thoughts on “Day 2~ Meeting Avah

  1. What a beautiful and priceless post! I love the photo of the girls sitting on their daddy's lap, sharing a fun dip! ADORABLE! So many great moments captured here. Congrats and God bless! <><~ Tanya

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