Still waiting for results…

We are still waiting for tests to be run to figure out what is going on. She keeps having random fits of pain.

Daddy-Appa and Oppa-Paul came to visit…

She loves her Oppa…

He helped cheer her up some. Watching out our window.. With the not so nice view!!

We found a playroom. Playrooms always cheer you up! I found out every floor here at Children’s has a playroom.

We picked out a few toys to take back to our room because I couldn’t bare the thought of catching any more germs.

She even felt up to letting me wash her hair.

The amount of smiles she gave today are probably pictured above… Not too many. She is really really sick but her UTI has cleared up!

Back to sleep… This is what she did most of the day!

Thanks Daddy and Paul for coming up!! Thanks to Mr.Dave our new minister for visiting! Thanks for Miss Leah’s second visit and for the chocolate.:):)

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