My precious baby…

Little Mia has been so sick. We headed back to Childrens Hospital after just being there on Thursday night.

I told them I wasn’t leaving with out blood work, kidney ultrasound, an urinalysis, IV antibiotics and she needed to be admitted. Guess what they are doing all of it.:)

Sleeping so sweet!!

Waking up with a smile.

My precious little girl.:):)

My take…God has something great going on in Avahs adoption… Satan wants me to desperately change my mind. This experience has only helped prepare me for Avah and her needs by familiarizing myself with Children’s hospital! Praise God!:)

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2 thoughts on “My precious baby…

  1. LOVE the perspective Wendi. When we were praying about our Bekah possible moving to a new hospital……Brienna 'little sister' had a serious bike accident that landed us down at Children's in Philly. While standing at an elevator, I run into a Mum with a CF child, that had come from the hospital we were praying about switching from and told us to do it ASAP. God's ways are truly above our own. SO glad that You guys are home. Continued prayers.

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