Why are you giving up????

I have had it enough. I have 2-3 friends giving up..:(
I have given birth to 4 children..
I have miscarried one precious little one.
I have adopted Mia.
I am in the process of adopting Avah.

The toughest thing for me to experience in all that is that I miscarried. Last week when I had a friend lose her little girl beccause the foster family was adopting her. I told my husband she has to be feeling some of the same feelings as when I miscarried. My heart ached for her. ACHED!!!

My heart hurts for everyone who has waited so long….especially my friend Amy…since 12/2010. But what a graceful waiter…she is incredible! And she knows Parker will come home..she would wait forever.

THis sucks and this hurts….but if we give up on our children. If we turn our back and stop praying..thinking…fighting the fight to bring home our children….tell me….what feelings then will we live with forever….the feelings I bet some feel like our child’s birth mother felt. The feelings of I gave up on my child… you just gave him up for adoption…THE CHILDREN WE ARE WAITING ON….ARE IN LINE TO COME HOME!!!

THEY ARE IN LINE!!!!!! MEANING THEY WILL COME HOME!!! IF WE STOP THIS FIGHT….guess what…they get out of line. THey lose a family…they lose hope. They will probably not be rematched…because there are TONS of new babies already for the new moms and dads…so eagerly waiting to join that line!!!!!

I BEG YOU PLEASE FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD!!!! If we don’t…guess who has his stronghold on children in orphanages…without hope…without love…without a family.

When I am hurting and when I dont want to do something…when I am tired of waiting…when I recieve an MRI like I just recieved for my Avah…guess what……I sometimes feel like I shouldnt do it. BUT GUESS WHO ELSE MIGHT HAVE FELT THIS WAY…..Jesus Christ….I am sure that cross was heavy …I am sure the sweat was running down his face and into his eyes as he walked up that hill to Calvery to die on that cross ….as he carried that cross…he probably wanted to throw it down. Why would he want to adopt us? He had never seen us. But HE did….I cant even imagine what our updates to HIM look like!!

We must continue to fight this fight…because the Korean ministry certainly is not. If we stop fighting… Satan wins. Lets WIN THIS BATTLE!!!!! It is a spiritual battle!!!!!

We all need to call Satan out on this…!! He needs to get behind us….because we are all fighting this to the end!!

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