An Update:)

So we have a new social worker….and she just sent an awesome update!!
Even some ‘lost’ test results from 2009 and 2010….
We also received her latest test results. :-/
Avah now weighs a whopping 28.9 pounds and is almost 37 inches tall! Wooohoo!!!
She is a little thing.
 Avah drew this picture. I LOVE IT!!!
 The social worker kept telling her to stop and smile for the camera!!
She is quite the poser!:)
 Notice her little pinky with her hot chocolate! Adorable!!!
I love her!!!
 Look at that smile!!
 She can blow her nose, wash her face, dress herself, brush her teeth like a mad woman, wash her hands…adorable!!!!
 Above…watching a little Pororo on an Iphone.:)
 Yes her social worker was having her work the camera!!

 Lots of singing and dancing!!! Like LOTS!!!! I love it!:)
We also found out she loves fried chicken, pizza and sweet candy. She loves singing and dancing…obviously.  She sometimes likes to show off and be the teacher’s pet a bit too eagerly. She talks to strangers when she rides on public transportation. She loves making things out of clay. She is interesed in arts and physical education but she is less interested in numbers and Korean alphabets. She sleeps well..but prefers her caretaker right beside her. Yes I think me and the little girls will need  a King size bed if I ever plan on sleeping again.:)
She is taking speech therapy but no longer has a speech problem. She loves speech therapy and all the activies in her group speech class.

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