~Avah’s 2nd Care Package~

I am guessing Avah has received or is about to receive her 1st care package, I am guessing it takes about 4 weeks for my agency to mail it to Korea, then SWS to mail it to Avah’s agency. I have been collecting for months for the perfect things to send her.

This package includes: an album, a cd of her family, hello kitty backpack full of all sorts of goodies for her and her friends, an outfit with matching bows, ballerina Jammie’s, pillowcase with her family on the pillowcase, hello kitty Squinkies, panties, all sorts of easter goodies, a purse, easter candy, hello kitty tooth paste and tooth brush.. What fun! I already have the next one done too… But I will post it later.:)

I pray little Avah enjoys!!! And please pray for little Avahs heart!!:):)

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