~Avah Hanbok Bow~

We were officially MATCHED today!! Well probably before today, but today was the RED BOX matched day!!!

SO I wanted to present  from Baby Bug Wear on Facebook, the Avah Hanbok Bow!! That’s right I had a bow created in Avah’s name. I have a very limited amount. I am figuring out right now if I even have any left. But as of right now I have 10, they were very difficult to make and meticulous.

I am hoping to get 10 more, but I am not sure. This is a fundraiser for our daughter’s fabulous orphanage in South Korea, AMSA. I am selling each ribbon sculpture for $15.00 a piece.

Avah is coming from an awesome orphanage with lots of little girls, if you are interested in purchasing a bow or just making a donation to this orphanage please donate with my paypal button. That I am trying to create.

If you do not want a bow but would like to donate, we could donate an Avah bow to a precious little girl at AMSA in your name.

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