~Trip to DC IPhone version~

Okay I will do a better blog later but here is my iPhone version of DC. We met my sister in law and her 4 kiddos here so Camye and Alycia, my niece could fly to Texas together so they could go on a cruise with Grandma and Grandpa.

First stop American girl store.. Totally awesome!:)

The boys were not thrilled…at all.

Mia was shopping immediately.

Paul and Austin were wrestling everywhere we went!

Mia lounging with a doll!

Mia loved his stroller!! I so see bitty twins in our future!

Amelia pulling her twins!

The girls had a great time!!

Lego store!! Awesome!!

Mia carrying the bag… She had too!!!

DC Cupcake!!! Incredible!!

Eating outside!!! 6 cupcakes for $15!!

Chocolate for Mia!:)

Washington monument
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