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Okay so no judging me on my mess… I have 5 going on 6 kids. I have been waiting 6 months, already for #6. So that means I have to stock forums, Facebook and my agencies website around 47 times a day. The carpal tunnel/IPod-itis is flaring up. Okay a little exaggeration..but not much.
In my free time, I love the website Pinterest! Love it!! So many great ideas to pin!! And to possibly try at home. And I have….

So the next several months, while I am waiting even longer for our little one to come home, I am choosing places in my house that cause me stress and doing something about it.

And the movie cabinet is #1 on that list! Below are two areas that drive me over the edge. I am so tired of this being a mess.. It looks like this about 2-3 times per week. So it had to go!!

DVDs stacked everywhere.. When mom yells put them away or clean up that mess. It’s a cram and shove anything anywhere!!

So yes I threw every single DVD box and most (which weren’t many) any VHS tapes in the trash!!! They are gone!!!! Don’t say how wasteful.. Or take to goodwill.. Or you may want those VHS tapes someday…. Which were all things my friends and mom told me.
Sorry ladies.. VHS is OUT!!… DVDs fit into sleeves nicely if I need to loan them out.. Blueray is next…. And the little digital disks of movies are already out! I have zero… Attachment to stuff! I hate cluttery stuff and this makes me feel great!!

I put all educational CDs in one case, seasons of Cosby and little house in another case. The small pink box holds the rest of the CDs and organize according to subject.
I did save some VHS.. All home movies of course… On 9/11 when we taped for 4 days straight of fox news… Dance recital… My friends high school copy of Pretty Woman.. Pretty much the important stuff.

Isn’t it beautiful!!!!! And clean and neat and stress free!

Now Chloe has gotten into pinning as well.. This is not a recipe I have allowed on my pin boards. I will admit I am a little bit of a food snob.
This is a technique… I have never heard of… I am going to explain it. Now before you start assuming, like my friend last night when I explained said to me, ” Are you drinking?” no I am not…:)

Okay Chloe and her dad cut up
Sausage links into 2-3 inch pieces and pushed through uncooked pasta noodles, then Boiled them and covered in creme sauce to serve. Very odd…
However everyone thought they tasted great including the food snob!!

If you would like an invite to pinterest… Leave me your email!:) you know you want to pin this fabulous sausage/noodle recipe!

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