Thankful Ramblings….

I am so thankful for adoption! Words can not express how I am feeling with this little girl in my arms.

I lay down with her every night, and look at her beautiful eyes, silky smooth skin, shiny black hair and beautiful smile. I wonder why did God has rewarded me with such a blessing. I look at her and think of how beautiful her birth mother must have been. It makes me sad for her, but hopefully one day they will meet again.

I hear her laughter and it brightens everyone in the house. It is such a joy to see my 4 biological kids see such joy and laughter brought to our house by adoption.

She is more of a social butterfly than I am..which is saying alot.

The only words I can use describe adoption at any age, is how a birth mother feels the first time they hold their newborn after birth. Their isnt even a difference.

I am so thankful for my husband for allowing to be exactly what I want to be. A mother. A mom. An omma. A mommy. A mama. Whatever they call me as long as they call me. He is the best man I know.

I know everyone can’t adopt, but everyone can support it. Financially or by just being a friend to someone who is adopting.

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