Trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s House:)

Our family recently traveled to Ft. Worth, Texas to visit Kenny’s parents and his grandma “Grandma French Fry”. We spent 7 days and had such a wonderful visit!!!
Below is a great 4 generation picture. Uncle Nathan is always so good with my kids and they adore him!! They loved walking all over him…literally!! Camye is doing what all my kids love to do me right now…when I am trying to get a fabulous picture of something they love to pop in like Camye did below…I have decided to stop fighting it and embrace it:)

The kids swam everyday but the last 2 days we were there!! I thought the water was way too cold and enjoyed laying out everyday!:)

Almost the entire Rogers crew…we were missing my sister in law Kim, her husband and her 4 great kids!! They will be back from Okinawa, Japan later this month!:)

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