LegoLand Grapevine, Texas

While we were visiting in Texas, we decided to head to a newly opened LegoLand in Grapevine, Texas. Blake, Camye and Paul are CRAZY about legos!! I have always heard how awesome LegoLands were so we thought we would try it out!! Above: Us getting on one of the rides!!

Paul with a Lego elephant…very cool!!!

Chloe and I headed to the Pink Palace room of Pink Legos.

Daddy, Blake, Camye and Paul headed out on the first ride to rescue the Lego princess.

Paul with one of the many Lego men around the place! Very cool!!

Mommy Review: Okay I dont want to be a downer. But I would want someone to tell me. We paid $78 (that was with 2 free kids). There was 2 rides, 1 3D movie that was 13 minutes long, a Dallas/Fort Worth Lego city rooms, places for young toddlers to build, a place to eat (expensive), a place to build race cars to race each other, only no one could find matching wheels. We spent an hour and a half and really had to search to make it last that long. So even thought we made some great memories…it wasnt worth $78.

3 thoughts on “LegoLand Grapevine, Texas

  1. I had read in the magazine we get that there was one but I thought it was in Dallas. I thought we might visit while we were in TX and take the girls to see the American Girl doll store in Dallas. Maybe not??

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