An update on Chloe…

Yes I have a high schooler, it is so hard to believe and so unlike anything I would ever guessed to be. I LOVE HAVING A TEENAGE DAUGHTER!!! I will admit I was getting a little worried her 8th grade year. Things were not going smoothly..she was having an attitude. Not that she is perfect, but it is a real joy watching her grow into the young women she is becoming.

She is funny, beautiful and just lovely to be around. She is enjoying the independence she is getting with her school work, the parties and activites she is getting invited too.

At co-op she is taking:
Biology Lab
Young Girl After God’s Own Heart

She is taking
Algebra 1

She played on the Homeschool Hornets soccer team this year. And they were undefeated for 2nd year in a row. Unfortunatly she had her nose broken in the second to last game but has had surgery and was released from her doctor today. Praise the Lord!!

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