A Blake update…

Blake is doing well. He did have major injury in October at hayride. That I will not put on my blog..they are already on Facebook so the world has seen them. He basically had his knee busted open and the bone was showing………

….Umm…okay no mother should ever I MEAN EVER see their child’s bone for any reason!!!!

Anyway, he was released from his doctor on Monday and was told to not participate in gym class for three more weeks. OOOPs….he has done gym and played in a parent/kid soccer game!! Sooo…the doctor said okay then..he is free to go!! Praise God this wasn’t worse than first anticipated.

Blake is doing well with school. He played on the Homeschool Hornets Soccer team and well….they had fun!! Winning isnt everything is it. And we watched the high school team win it all!!

At co-op Blakes classes are:
Revolutionary War
Natural Disasters

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