Tennessee Cousins

My cousin, Stephanie and her kiddos come to West Virginia every spring for Spring Break. The kids all have a blast together!!! Parker is Blake’s age and have alot in common and Kinlee is close to Camye’s age, but Chloe and Paul hang with them all too. This year they enjoyed trips to my other grandparents house, where there is an awesome creek that I used to ‘live’ in. I even caught my first crawdad and snake in that creek. Blake and Parker got to give their Faith Is The Victory speeches at my Mamaws church and Chloe and Camye did their speeches for my Mamaws ladies bible class and Kinlee did a scripture reading. It was so wonderful! However, if my Papaw Wells could have seen those boys , he would have been so proud. The whole time the boys were giving their speeches, I just could picture my Papaw’s face. Those kids would have made him soooo proud!!

Okay ..enough now that I am crying….I need to move on. This year we had some entertainment with the BIG game. Parker and Blake versus Camye and Chloe. It was a close one!! With food, drinks, halftime shows, and autographs ….it was a show to behold.

Chloe blocking the shot…

Pauly swinging away..

Camye and Blake headed to the goal…

The group.:)

Parker Blake and Kennith Blake…the champions of the game. Great job Boys!:)

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