Homeschool Hatchery

Okay we really arent a Homeschool Hatchery. But it sure feels like it. We already had 47 hens. Our Heart and Home 4H group does embryology projects every year. We did one last year to start our chicken farm. But for fun we thought we do it again…that was the beginning of March.

First round: 36 eggs, all BUT 2 of them were duds..they hatched yesterday, cute as can be BUT THEY ARE ROOSTERS!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! We dont want any roosters.
Second round:18 eggs, 6 were Banti eggs that we didnt even want to waste our time with so we didnt…..the other 12 were DUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Third round: Well now that we are going on vacation, we were given 12 more to try. Luckily my friend Carol has offered to egg sit for us. They have to flipped twice a day to ensure proper baking. LOL!!
So thats it….hopefully in about 20 days we may have 12 more hens. But the day we get back we will be recieving 36 chicks in the mail. Always fun to pick those up at the post office, but not as fun as picking up a box of buzzing honey bees. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Hatchery

  1. Umm…I may get in trouble with PETA if they found out what we did to the roosters..LOL!!!No seriously Kenny took them to a friend that wants roosters. LOL!!

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