Chore Chart

Our Chore Chart

A Chore Chart. That’s what we call it. Kenny made this for me because I am just not able to keep with what kids are doing or not doing. We wanted to give the kids allowance, but seriously between homeschooling, church and all our too numerous to mention activities (soccer, dance, Lads to Leaders, 4H, life groups, co-op…and on and on…) Kenny said it would be different if we just participated in these activites but no I have to volunteer to teach, organize or be in charge about every activity in our life. He thinks this comes from my mother who never stops and is constantly in motion.

So, he created this for me. AND it works!!!Here is how, each child has a row that is color cooridinated to their fave color. On each tab is what is expected of them each day such as make bed, devotion, clean room, brush and floss (2 tabs for that)ect…also they are each given 3 monthly chores that alternate. I even listed each subject to keep me accountable that we covered that subject that day. They do ask me before they move the tab to the end hook, but at the end of the day the MAJORITY of them should be moved to the end.
Please excuse the pictures. I dropped my camera and now everything is a little unfocused and every pic has red eye (that I have to fix manually). The new camera is on its way…and the word Strong is the name of it!!LOL!!!

2 thoughts on “Chore Chart

  1. Great idea! I love charts – they help keep things “on task”. I know what you mean about volunteering – I have made it a new rule with myself to at all costs avoid being “in charge” of anything!! I will help until the cows come home IF it works out best for the fam.. I think I have done a pretty good job sticking with it, I still stay plenty busy, but am MUCH less stressed. It is so hard to say, no, though, especially when it is in the genes!!! :o)

  2. Charts, lists, ect..really help me stay on task. The volunteering …has got to stop, by the end of February, the majority of it will be over. I must learn the word “No”.

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