A day in the 1800’s with Lewis and Clark…

Yesterday the girls participated in a wonderful program called Windows thru History. This is something that is offered once a month and different time periods are studied each month. Obviously this month was Lewis and Clark. It was at the Vicary Mansion in Freedom, PA. They had alot of fun.:) As soon as they got there, they were taken to the 3rd floor to pick out there dress for the day. That was really neat to see all their dresses. Chloe had hoped for a white dress, trimmed in gold with puffed sleeves like Anne of Green Gables and that is what she got. Camye was too much of a hurry to get a dress on and get down to her friends.

The girls studied quilling which is fancy ribbon work, reticules which they sewed a small hand bag, and cooking. The cooking was a bit disastrous, but Blake and I dropped the girls off at the mansion and him and I had a Valentines Day date. We were gone 20 minutes, about to walk into Target, and we recieved a call that we needed to come back because Camye was sick. So we headed back, Blake was so upset…but we had no choice. They had told me that she had been cooking and laid down on the floor because she got queesy and hot and that she was laying on bench with one of the ladies. But when I get back there, the lady looks at me and says your daugther is fine! So I went and pulled her out of quilling to find out what was going on? She said they made her touch ickky pork, it was slimy and gross and she couldnt take it. So I left her in class and back to my date with Blake.!!!
The girls all learned a 1800 dance where they danced around “prissily” holding their gowns and giggling like crazy! These are 2 of Camyes friends that attend the same homeschool co-op, Morgan and Ellie.
There lunch consisted of  Salted Pork, Carrot Pudding, Gravy, Bread and Apple Tarts. Camye did not eat the Salted Pork. 😉

6 thoughts on “A day in the 1800’s with Lewis and Clark…

  1. The girls look like they enjoyed themselves! What a great experience. That is neat that Cami had an idea of a dress that she wanted to wear and it was there! Awesome. The Law of Attraction at its best.

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