Large Family Homeschooling Organization- Part 1 Logs


Logs….okay after 13 years of home schooling…I hope I have figured out a plan that works for us.
I have purchases the expensive planners… The more detailed planners..the cheapest planners.. And the one thing I need in a planner/ log keeps is squares. So the Target $1 lesson plan books work perfect for each child. We have to log 180 days in Pennsylvania.

For my 3rd grader and up to my 12th grader… I have made lesson plans for the first 30 days… After that my 7th, 9th and 12th grader will be responsible for writing down what they are doing each day. I will continue writing my 3rd graders log/daily plans/lesson plan until he is in 7th grade.


Why yes.. It took me 2 whole days to write these plans.. But they are done!