Canning and Preserving

I have to say I just love canning! I love making jam! I love having the kids around me in the kitchen helping me. Kenny LOVES to do stuff in the kitchen with me. So it is a family event… I have tons to can out of my garden and I stumbled across this little backroads farmers market and was able to purchase 3/4 bushel of peaches and 1/2 bushel of cucumbers.
So far we have canned:
12 quarts of green beans
8 quarts of dill pickles
15 quarts of sweet pickles are still in the process (they take a few days)
6 pints of grape jelly (from grape juice)
12 pints of strawberry freezer jam
15 pints of peach freezer jam
4 quarts of ketchup
8 pounds of frozen peaches
Thats all for now!!