Blogging again…

It’s been awhile. But I’ve missed blogging so much.

Some things have changed.

But all for the better. We have 11 amazing and healthy children.

Chloe is 24 and simply doing amazing! She is graduating with her Bachelors degree in May from Ohio Valley University.

Blake is 19 and is starting his own business as well as being a little TikTok famous as Blvke.

Camye is 18 and has started college at OSU and is wanting to be a flight attendant.

Gina is 18 and is graduating with honors in May. She will go to OSU in the fall. She has a puppy, Noodle.

Sage is 15 and doing amazing! She is in speech therapy and is speaking so well. She did get her hearing aids as well. She has a puppy, Kimchi.

Avah is 11!!! Unbelievable! She is so smart and so beautiful! She has a new puppy, Dumplin.

Mia is 11, going on 23. She has always been an ‘old soul’. She loves Jesus, singing hymns and making slime.

Cade is 9. He is amazing and loves his mama! He loves all things science. And his new liver is working amazing.

Brynlee is 6, lovable and sweet. She loves dolls and gymnastics. We are starting to see some issues with her liver as she and Cade both have biliary atresia.

Lilah is 4 and ever so sweet. Loves her daddy. She is super smart. She enjoys playing with peppa pig toys and magnatiles.

We did feel our family was complete until we had a stirring this past year in a few situations. We are excited to see what 2020 brings for us all! Leave me a comment I’d love to hear from you.

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