So many emotions…

Sleep didn’t come until 1am.

Alarm at 3am.

So many emotions….

I am already fighting the tears.

Mia is thanking me over and over for taking her back to see her foster mom.

Avah ecstatic about life. Thanking me for being the best Omma ever.

So many memories flood my mind.

The longest 21 hours of my life after getting Mia… So hard.

The overwhelming happiness and open arms that Avah received us with. Yet still loves and yearns for her Korea so much.

Jin Joo… A name I have heard out of Avahs mouth every single day since coming home. And then to receive this photo mere days before traveling.


This is Jin Joo. Avahs very best friend… We pray for this sweet girl every day. She is looking at Cade in this photo.
Unreal. I pray Avah gets to see her again.

I received this next photo on the same day. This photo speaks volumes from my heart. The story I could write from one photo.. This would be it.


My sweet boy peaking through a window.. Yet behind him the very room we met him… Avahs room at the orphanage… Also the refrigerator that he ran into and got hurt…. Which caused our meeting.

I have been in such a blogging lull the past several months. I have been numb and hurt from this process that seemed never ending. But I can see the light… It’s time to meet our son, again.

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