Where it’s at…

So I would love to come and blog some beautiful little blog with lots of fabulous pictures I’ve been taking but it’s just not happening.

Here are some of my latest pictures…



Yes those are actual pictures from my camera roll.
And why they may look like chicken scratch or random dates to you… They are what most of the waiting moms and some dads are doing in our little
Adoption world.
Especially if you think you may travel this year…

And according to these dates.. It appears we could travel or we could possibly not travel this year.

Yes I should let go and let God. I have seen a lot of great examples from other waiting parents doing this however most of those have been told they are not traveling this year to get their child. As sad as that is… I feel sometimes it is easier to know.

I do feel blessed to be given hope for travel to get our little guy.

I do feel blessed to have such awesome adoption friends who cheer for you along the way…one special friend even sent Cade this adorable shirt that you see crammed into care package #429.


And he is so worth the wait!! I just like to plan..with 6 kids at home… And Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I have to plan ahead!

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