11 year old girls…Part 1

When I was 11… Life was good.


The start of middle school. Hard year.. Or so I thought. Girls are mean.

11 year olds is an age of feeling insecure, struggling between being a woman and a girl.

11 year old girls should be …

struggling with should I play with dolls or am I too old?

Whether they ride their bike or swing?

What kind of shoes should they get to start school?

How much fun would they have at a sleepover?

Which girl is their best friend this week?

11 year olds naturally have a lot of emotions and feelings.

11 year olds are innocent. 11 year olds don’t deserve the weight of the world on their shoulders. 11 years olds don’t deserve to know where their parents and siblings are. 11 year olds deserve to know where their next meal is coming and that it is going to make their tummies feel full. 11 year olds deserve to know Jesus. 11 year olds deserve a warm bed.

Part 2… Coming soon.

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