{One Slice of Pizza or A Whole Pizza}

Today is one of those days….where I can not wait to be alone to write on my blog and cry away.

The question about pizza is the question I asked my social worker at our adoption agency. Is today a eat one slice of pizza or should I eat the whole pizza for lunch? I know my agency has to be so tired of me and my sarcasm! Ha

                                      {THE WHOLE PIZZA WAS THE ANSWER}

I have been gracefully waitng for Cade. I have been doing so much better for Cade than I did for Mia and Avah. Third times a charm..right?

I get lots of comments saying I am sorry you have been waiting so long. I will be honest..paperwork wise “I” have not been waiting so long. My agency made me wait until April to send my homestudy. However, over 400+ days sent I  met my son…I have grown to love and ache for him fiercley. It is a terribly lonely process. Old adoption friends are great and encouraging and I have bond with them that is undeniable. New adoption friends can be incredibly awesome and encouraging. However new adoption friends can also think you are crazy and nuts with your crazy stalking…and that is okay too. To each their own.

Some friends received the news this week, there child will not come home this year, some received the news of EP submission or approval, some received court dates. My heart aches for those who received bad news and my heart rejoices for those who received good news.

We received the news today that of the 5 families waiting for court approval and a court date, we were not one of them. Most likely Cade will still come home this year….but it was a blow to my waiting mama’s heart.

I know God has this perfectly planned out so much better than I do.
I had many friends point out the positive.

~We were not in the first batch so the judges will get a feel for traditional families before they see our large family adopting our son with Biliary Atresia Kasai only. Huge deal…God is preparing the judges hearts. I know it.

~Cade has only had a little over a year at AMSA, this will give more precious memories at a great facility, in a an awesome country with awesome caretakers.

If Cade comes home in the last three months of this year….at least I will make it through soccer season with my older two kids. Get a good start on our school year. “Nest” like a crazy waiting mama nests.

My fervent prayer is for my baby boy to be home before his 4th birthday in Janaury.

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