Idlewild FUN

Thank goodness for Idlewild Who closed their park last year due to weather and gave out free tickets!!

I took 6 kids to a water park alone… Luckily we were meeting very helpful friends.

Idlewild or bust!

Avah loved every ride … Are you surprised? And loved riding with.. ‘Colie’.

Merry go rounds.. She had fun but needed to get on by herself, get off by herself…

Mia loved the ‘horsies’.. Even requested we go back to ride again. This is coming from the little girl who prefers the wagon while we pull her and hand her cotton candy and other treats. She usually just wants to watch.

Avah insisted upon having her photo taken for dongsang aka little brother.

Mia rode the cars with our great friend Ethan aka best helper!

Avah rode alone!! Honking and waving all the way!!

Mia really enjoyed swimming this time. She usually prefers dangling her feet and splashing others.

Idlewild has a new lazy river. The girls loved it and enjoyed riding on Mr. ken around and around.

Of course …Avah was a little fish!

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