Daily Changes to the Adoption Process

It isn’t quite daily changes but every time I think we are smooth sailing, something changes. However I still have the same travel expectations.. Sometime this fall.

Things are different than Avah and Mia’s process. To bring home Cade we will need to travel to Korea twice. We both must appear in court .. Yes court in South Korea. {scary} For the second trip, Both of us are traveling because neither of us will stay home. Kenny wants to go get him and as much as I do. Isn’t he an awesome man?

Blake will most likely have enough money to travel with us on the second trip and it will be great to have a third set of helping hands. What happened last time.. Kenny arguing at the ticket counters and customs, me guarding luggage and Chloe was chasing Avah.

Typically these kinds of changes would send me into a tizzy… However I am waiting for my son. I would wait forever if I had too. Not that I want too.

We did see his IAP yesterday. She wants to see him the first full day he is home and the liver specialists want to see him. I hadn’t thought of this but his very important meds that he recieves during the day in Korea… Will change to he will be taking those meds all night long. So we have to figure out how to change him over to our time zone day with out upsetting his liver. This scares me slightly but God has got this.

Please pray for his little heart.. He has never lived in a foster home and only at his orphanage AMSA for about a year(since we met him). He doesn’t know a families love.

But I think he is going to do great!! We have all the resources to help him.

Until we can travel I am taking advantage of the traveling and always willing families to send some care packages. Above is the first one to be delivered.

Here are a few things we have sent to hold him over until we get there… I do love being a boy mama. There toys are so fun!!

And look at those superhero undies and socks…

And what little boy doesn’t need Spiderman light up shoes!!

I know my baby will be home soon!

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