A moment in time…

Do you ever have those moments when God just tells you something? Just says it..
Yea.. Me either…
Unless it is about WHO he has planned as my child. And he does.. For some reason he lays it on my heart like nothing ever before.
Almost like God knows if he doesn’t shove it right in my face.. I would miss it. He knows me so well.
In the same hour of meeting Avah, we met our son Robert Cade HyunSoo. He was screaming….crying…he was hurt. He was lieing on his back …just wailing. No one was going to get him. Kenny and I could not take our eyes off of him. A few minutes of his screams and our Korean social worker went and brought him to me. She showed me his scar from a previous surgery and told me he would need a liver. I looked at her and said, “I want him.” I knew it. I just did. He looked back into my eyes….and touched my face. A total and complete GOD moment. The Korean social worker told  me he was on our US adoption agency list. I was in disbelief I had never seen him before. But it was true…he was there just waiting.
I waited for every door to shut. BUT Every single door opened.
Our insurance pays 100% of transplants….
we live near the best liver hospital on the East Coast…
and the biggest obstacle…Korea approved us.
We have six children so it is unbelievable we are approved. Praise GOD!!

I know.. He is adorable!!!!! The first two photos I found on a Korean blog!! What a blessing!:)
And yes we were ATK yesterday!!
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