Lads to Leaders 2013 Part 2

Well I am bummed but our camera messed up. So for now I only have what was on my phone or what I stole from Facebook.

This was our 5th grade bible bowl team!

Chloe first place scrapbook in winners circle!:)

Camye’s team was a bible bowl finalist!

Great family pics on Easter morning besides for whoever had my camera… Had their finger over the lense.;(

Excitement for our K-2nd graders!

Yay Paul and Mia!

More excitement over bible bowl top scores for K-2nd grade!!

11th grade puppet team places 2nd!!! That’s me in the middle!!:)

A little Rogers bling for all their hard work. This year I incorporated L2L curriculum into our homeschooling. I must say I have never done as much bible as we have done this year. It has really been such a blessing. Winners or not… We learned more about Gods word and that is all that matters.
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