Adoption advice— Spiritual Warfare

I am asked several times a month on advice on getting started on adopting.
From what agency? What home study agency? What books to read? What about RAD? Can I handle his or her needs? Which country? And on and on? While these are good questions in which I typically answer. There is one piece of advice I want to offer.
Prepare yourself for spiritual warfare like you have never experienced before. Armor your self with the word. Prepare for the enemy to attack from every angle. The more times you adopt.. The worse it gets. Satan hates us. Hates we are adopting children out of his stronghold into the arms of Jesus.
While we were adopting Mia, several things happened. Nothing huge… Little things. Adoption friends didn’t like me. Fridge broke. We had to sign a waiver from Korea saying Mia could have had A and B.. Which were worse case scenarios and UNTRUE.
While waiting for Avah:
1. Entire country shut down for international adoptions. We all lived in fear for 10 months as they figured it all out.
2. This fear was like no other. I swear I have PTSD from it.
3. Stove broke
4. Dishwasher broke
5. The 3 weeks before we traveled to Korea … We received new diagnosis on Avah. One after the other. New tumors. New fibromas. Three others I won’t share publicly. By the way all untrue.
6. The night before we got Avah … My grandmother passed away. I will never forget that. My family decided it would be best to keep from me that my grandmother had had a stroke while we were in Korea. So all my friends at home wouldn’t talk to me because they were afraid of telling me and wanted my parents too. Snort.. No comment. I got the email on one of my sleepless nights
In Korea. I had no clue she was even sick or in the hospital. I sat up in my bed.. Clutching my chest and hyper ventilating. Yelling for Kenny and sobbing … No. Not my Mamaw. Not now. Not when I am about to get my daughter. But it was true. Broke my heart. Satan totally stole my joy. Not that Satan caused my grandmother to die… But the decisions and circumstances leading up to it made me take it so much harder.
Waiting for HyunSoo…
1. Precancerous cells found
2. Teenager issues
3. Kids fighting
4. Problems with kids doctor
5. Possible muscular dystrophy for one of my children
6. Stress level extremely high
7. Teenage drama
8. Blamed for taking child to doctor too many times.
9. Blamed for not taking same child to not enough doctors.
10. Korea again is having zero movement.
11. Lots of unspoken issues

And guess what.. Our paperwork isn’t even sent to Korea yet.
So prepare yourself.. Arm yourself with the word! God has got this!!!
Continue to Spread Love!!!
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