Okay so what can we eat?

I have suspected for a Long time. I have it in black and white. I can not ignore it any longer.

However with all the allergies going on right now. I suspect it’s more than allergies. I will get to that later.

Time to get serious. I have been crazily pinning on Pinterest at wendiplus6. I like things in hard copy still… So I purchased all these. I think this shows my age.:)

I need to just dive in. Not be completely overwhelmed and just do it.

So I did.

I took Paul grocery shopping. Because well.. He is worried he is going to be hungry. And that kills my mama heart. He thinks he can’t eat anything but broccoli.

So I cooked up some chicken with gluten free, soy free and dairy free BBQ sauce for Paul and Mia to have for lunches thought out the week. And probably Avah because I won’t leave any child out. BBQ sauce from the book, “The Healthy Gluten-Free Life”.

Not the best picture but apples, grapes, chicken lettuce wraps.. Oh so good! Everyone liked them. Here is the link to this recipe: http://www.familyfeatures.com/feeds/food/FeatureDetail.aspx?ID=4018

Total yum!!! I mean this was delicious. This is called Famous Mashed Potatoes and Sausage Veggie Stuffing. Oh my goodness…my tastebuds are tingling. For real!! Both of these are from  The Healthy Gluten-Free life as well.

I do have a little spin on all these allergies. Chloe is trying to be a vegetarian for an entire year. She hasn’t eaten meat since Thanksgiving. I don’t fix two meals she just eats around what we eat. But I held this out for her so she could eat it. She loved hers!

And gooey chocolate brownies … Who could resist!!
Yes from The Healthy Gluten Free Life.

I have big plans for my menu this week!! Stay tuned!!

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