As I decorated for Christmas this year, every single thing I did reminded me of last Christmas. The mind frame I was in. When I didn’t know if Avah or any child from Korea would come home. We all serious doubted.

As I watched this little bundle of energy this Christmas, I am over joyed. I can not believe she is home.. Home forever. I can not
Believe she had to wait so long for her family to come. I can not even allow my mind to go where it kept going today as I watched her rip into her presents, lay in the floor in the wrapping paper, ask if there anymore presents for her and of course there usually was. Her eyes glowed. Her face never stopped smiling. My mind did go there.. What were the last 5 Christmas’s like?

Home at last. This Christmas I am thankful for my four bio kids for teaching me how to be a mother.. How to love… I am so thankful for
Mia’s Little profile picture that spoke to me about 2 years ago. I am thankful she only spent 3 Christmas’s without her family but those 3 were with her loving foster family. I am thankful for Avah… So thankful she only spent one Christmas with her foster family and 4 Christmas’s at her orphanage. I am thankful they are home forever in our arms.

If ever I thought we wouldn’t adopt again… Today showed me that we will 100% adopt again. How many children are waiting? How many children are without parents? Hungry? Cold? Alone? Without hope?

I look into Avahs eyes and see hope. Hope. Hope is beautiful. Older child adoption is incredible. Such an incredible blessing.

Thank you Lord.

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