A Christmas kiss

This morning started off on the wrong foot when I rolled over in Avahs toddler bed from sound sleep and looked at my phone to realize .. It was 9am. I had to get myself, 6 kids and my hubby out the door by 9:20….
Well at 9:43… We were out the door. Mia wearing a wonderful Santa dress I had chosen however someone had put on her old purple coat with a pink toboggan. But okay… I had put her bow on and brushed her hair so we were good. Until we got to church.. Toboggan came off and the bow was gone. I know what you are thinking…
Wendi you have 6 kids.. Get over the bow.
But I can’t… My rule: No bow no go. Ridiculous I know. I typically can’t move past it.

But this morning I walked Into church with my 4 big kids looking smashing in there Christmas red and green… My 2 Korean beauties in Santa dresses and I was stomping my feet over a bow. A bow.

I walk in and our sweet church secretary sees me moaning yet she hands me a gift and smiles. In fact… Five friends give me gifts this morning…What is wrong with me?

Some children will not have Christmas. Or a hug. Or food. Or water. Or a family.. Ever. And I am upset about a bow…. A bow..:-/

Then I am sitting in church service holding my sweet girl Avah… Waiting for children’s church aka JAM aka Jesus and Me.. Also known to Avah as JAMP…

She leans into me and smothers me with kisses.
Wet. Slobbery. Kisses. All over my face.

But guess what.. Those were the first kisses she has ever given me. Unsolicited.

These were from her heart. Purely her idea.

And tonight I am reminded of her life before mommy and daddy came. She isn’t feeling well. She is so excited to be sick. She always wants to be sick. She always wants medicine. She always wants to be the one receiving attention.
I am sure in an orphanage the sick child always gets the attention.. They get meds. They sleep somewhere seperate/special so someone else doesn’t get sick. They get their temp taken.

My sweet sweet girl is healing in so many ways. Merry Christmas to me! A kiss for Christmas. An unexpected blessing something I didn’t even realize was missing until I received it.

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