Day 5 Gluten Free

Slept great. No cramps.

Yesterday. I forgot Mia did have some organic peanut butter cups(accidentally)… That said may contain wheat. She only ate about 6-7.

We did have one little fit this morning. But it was over quick and she told me she felt funny?

GF cereal with strawberries


Rice noodles with corn and peas

Mandarin Oranges

Rice Penne Pasta
Black Olives
Cherry tomatoes
Grilled Chicken
Olive oil


Going great! My mom and I are preparing thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so I know exactly what ingredients will be in the food.

I called Mia’s pediatrician and asked for some blood work to be done… To test for gluten intolerance. She said to wait and when we go in next Tuesday, she will order a full work up on food allergies. I thought I would print out my food journal for her to read.

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