Bedtime Fun

Oh how I love these two little girls. The fun. The giggles. The messes. The competition. The baby doll playing. The messes. Did I mention messes? Kenny and I went on a date tonight. We came home to mess after mess after mess. One large mess being BLACK acrylic paint dumped down one wall, all over a 2 foot area of fawn colored carpet, bathroom walls and sink where 2 little girls tried to clean up. It was a huge mess. But thankfully with my fabulous carpet shampooed and magic eraser.. It looks brand new.:)
Cleaned up these two munchkins. New Jammie’s. Clean faces. Clean teeth. Flossed teeth. And now time for some singing and hugs.
Sometimes doesn’t always go smoothly…

One wants to run away while one insists on picking up the other.

Much better. Mia is still

So sweet. Such happy girls.

Time for a little Korean posing.

And Avah’s thick Korean accent rendition of Tomorrow… With some help from Mia.

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