A Gift

At the perfect time.
I have learned over the past two years so much about God’s timing. My friend Jen traveled six weeks ahead of us to get her daughter, Cora from the same orphanage as Avah. She recieved the preschool end of the year program on DVD. For some odd reason Avah and Cora were the only two children at their orphanage to attend this preschool, I find this so odd just because I do know of one other little smart preschooler who SHOULD have been there as well.

But timing.. God’s plan… It has been shown to me in unbelievable measures these past two years. Unbelievable and I can’t share all my details yet. But I can share this.
Back to this performance, of outrageous costumes, musical performances, dancing.. Avah was in two shows dancing like we have seen this child dance before. 😉
For Gods reason… Jen felt she should send me a copy this week.
Avah has been missing her orphanage something fierce. But this video, really brightened her spirits and reminded her of happy times and she was sharing with us.

This is the envelope that Jen and Cora sent the CD and small card in. I have never seen a child so excited to receive something just for her. She was kissing the stamps as she thought they were stickers. Hugging the card that had a simple 3-4 words on it. I must make an effort to buy her more gifts. With a birthday the day after Christmas, I am sure she isn’t used to getting things throughout the year.

We all gathered around the laptop to watch. She thought it was a video of Cora. But three seconds into it, she exclaims, “Oh I like it!!”

And a video.. She says thank you Cola SeungJoo… I love you.
She says Cola only because ‘r’ is not used in Korea(Hangook). I think it is so adorable!!

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