Six Months Ago…

This picture was taken at Avah’s orphanage. This was the day one of her best friends was to leave with her family. This is Cora aka Cola as we do not have the R sound down just yet.
Avah is watching her second bosom friend leave to go to Migook. Such a sad girl. She knew Sarah Had just left the week before and didn’t return. Now it was Cora’s turn. She had already been told she would be leaving in May.

This picture kills me.
She looks so lost.
What about me?
Why isn’t my Migook Omma coming?
My friend Jen recieved this photo while I was still waiting to bring Avah home. I am so thankful she chose not to give it to me until Avah was home. Since I was mentally unstable while waiting for my girl.;)
Many of you know Avah now… I know looking at this picture is hard. Here is the girl we see all the time.

I mean all the time.
She has been asking about her orphanage, Amsa every single day now. Not all day, just a few times a day. She seems very sad when I tell her she can go back when she is a big girl? She usually Says I go right now. I see the let down in her face and hear the sadness in her voice.
I know this normal and good. And needs to happen. I feel like she is tired of playing Migook Omma game and is ready to go to the only home she remembers.
She will heal.. Its just going to take awhile. Breaks my heart.
I know the feeling of homesick(not like this though), if in fact this is what she is feeling, my sweet girl’s precious heart is broken.

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